Thursday, March 5, 2009

Etsy love

I love etsy!!! I hope if I keep showing etsy, everyone I know will shop there. Here are some of my current favs!!!

Custom Crocheted Raptor Skeleton

knittingneedle  Check this stuff out!!!  Really go to the shop and look this stuff is awesome!!!

Summer Breeze - Original Mixed Media by Lee Gainer

LeeGainer   Very cool fiber work!!! I want this so bad it hurts!!!


Seahagstudio  Nice mix of vintage and handmade!!! I may be a little biased,she’s my best friend and cousin!

Zombies tee (guys and girls)

almightee   just what it says!!! About half of my male shopping is from here!

Silver Frozen Charlotte

redvelvet  just go look I can’t do it justice!!

Ok there are my top 5, but remember there are a million shops on there! Take the handmade pledge and buy from these artisans!!!

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