Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Great minds!

As the whole world knows by now I have the most amazing,perfect,accomplished grandson in the world. He is a genius.Oh, you need proof???? ok!

Look at that desk!!!!! His little mind is always on overdrive! BTW, that desk is almost a mirror image of mine!

And then sometimes...

Monday, December 29, 2008


today is calendar day. The hideous day when I transfer all my oh so important shit to the new calendar! I hate it!!!!!!! But transfer it, I will, after all this family would implode without it!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Glimpses

As usual our holiday season was full of tumoil, love,trials, lots of errors, surprises, giving, taking, and just about everything in between. Here's some highlights!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Yes, we're here now.

New blog, new ideas, new life! See you next week. Be sure to link!

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PMS bullhocky and swap goodies!
I have DMS (during menstral syndrome) and I'm a crabby bitch and wish I was dying. And wishing EVERYONE else on the planet would just SHUT UP, so you can see I'm clearly not fit for company.

On a happier note, Viv got my swap I sent her so I can post pics of it. i think I got everything!

paper mache box, I painted and glittered

A frame to match. All those little pics are vintage halloween inchies. I loved this when it was finished

another shot


Viv loves kitties

a wee witchy pin

bunches of treats

vintage hanging

I forgot to take picks on the cards and the martini set. You can see them here. And hear what she thinks of it all.

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October 16, 2008
dreaming of sugarplums under MY tree
sometimes I do dream...just for me.




and my hearts desire

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October 12, 2008
DRACULA!!!! (sorta)
I was resting ever so quietly on the couch, with my eyes closed. I heard a sneaky, quiet,shushing noise and opened my eyes to..

his coffin\

God, I love Halloween!

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October 08, 2008
My new collection
Y'all know I collect EVERYTHING! Wanna see what I'm collecting now???

LOLOLOL just kidding! This is David (Erin's friend) and his son's Christian and Carter. Are'nt they sweet!


Christian and David

And of course, one with my Sweet Boy!

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October 07, 2008
Leapin' Lizards!
Look what came to town for October!

can you see it!?

It's big!!!!!!!!!!!!


And ugly!

It's a "no scare" Haunted House for kids! Great idea huh? I expect we'll be seeing the inside soon.

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October 06, 2008
Fall Festival
It's baaaaaack! I'm less than thrilled, but I always am. And it's on a personal level. It's just to...much? Too loud. Too long. Too greasy. Too crowded. Too EVERYTHING! My girls and T love it, and Tristyn is over the moon! So I'm happy for them!

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October 02, 2008
The illusion of sleep
How tired does your body have to get to require sleep??? I'm on day 3 with no real sleep to speak of and am avidly watching the sun rise. In fact I'm slipping out the front door to go swimming as soon as I close this laptop. Maybe I'll be so tired I'll FUCKING SLEEP when I get home!

God. I miss my 20's!

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October 01, 2008
Today is October1 and it's the day that we renew our " Giving Fund". Now mind you, in our new, post grandson life, this is not a huge amount. We don't use a percentage formula or a budget plan, T just figures up what we can do our big donations with and gives me the money to distribute. We have 3 we always give to and I try to pick 2 other different ones each year, and then the remainder I pick randomly online and spread it thin!!! By tomorrow it'll all be gone. Anyway here are some great places you might be interested in spreading it thin at!

http://www.booksforkidsfoundation.org/about.htm Books for kids!!! I love this place!

http://www.mystuffbags.org/?gclid=CIej4vaEh5YCFQVxFQodARryFQ MY Stuff Bags good thought

http://stopviolence.care2.com/ Care2 Stop Violence Frightening!

http://cannecy.free.fr/iforest/en/ Plant An Oak Tree It's FREE

http://www.wildernesslandtrust.org/ The Wilderness Land Trust My Current FAV!

OK that's it I hope you'll check these out!

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September 29, 2008
I'm kinda in a crafting frenzy around here right now. For instance I spent 9 hours today AFTER swimming in my room working or on my couch doing this!

A little project for Jo. Actually turning out quite lovely! Dad brought me a HUGE bin of yarn from a yard sale the other day. He paid 20 dollars for it and I'm guessing it's got a minimum of 200 dollars of mohair in it! YAY!!!

I know!!! Are you jealous yet! And here's some little dishcloths I just finished!

My other big score from Dad this month was 11 sets of Stamping Up stamps (including 3 alphabets!) for 10 bucks!!!!

But the real exciting thing that happened today was I got my SWEET and SINISTER SWAP!!! OMG my partner VIV ( check out her blog!!!) is a genius!!! I loved EVERY single thing! EVERY one!!! Just look!

Look at all the Sweetness!!!

Out of the box!

Handsome man!!!

Candy Corn! BTW VIV, Tammys Fav!!!

All these little sweeties!!! LOVE!

This beautiful bunting says Halloween!!! I can not wait to hang it!!!

Pin cushion!!!


And this! Which Tristyn is already trying to steal!! I love it all Viv. Thank you for being such an awesome partner. BTW:: I'm hurrying!

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September 28, 2008
in the AM!!!! Talk to you later!

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November 19, 2008
Angies newest update!
A message from Tracy:


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November 09, 2008
Here's my Sunday shots. I mean, really who knew this would be the most important time in my life?

It was fun!

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November 06, 2008
Dad's Ok and yarn coma
Dad's angiothingy went well yesterday. No overt occlusion, just some thickening(less than 50%) Other than his weight, his big problem is the emphysema,which is fairly well advanced, so we'll be trying some new drugs for this. But overall, the news is good!

I'm still crocheting. A scarf and hat set start to finish most days. I'm starting to feel like I'm coated in fiber(I wish!). I'm crocheting so much, I feel like I could do it in my sleep. Erin and Tristyn are still moving in(I mean in the process) so we're working on that. So, fo us, it's been almost coma like here!

Here's my current wish list!

Can't you just think of all the yumminess you could make with this!

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November 04, 2008
Dear Tristyn,
Dear Tristyn,

I'm sitting here in my living room, on the couch. But if you really thought about it, you'd already know that. It's November 4, 2008, a day I hope will be a date for us all to remember. Our country just elected our first African American President. Barack Obama.

I am thrilled about this development, for so many different reasons that I'm not sure where to start. I'm happy for us as a nation, because he really is the best man for the job. I' m happy for our military, because there is light at the end of the tunnel. I'm thrilled for the African Americans who might see this as the final step out of the nightmare of prejudice. I'm thrilled for the gay and lesbian people, who might see some real strides for equality in this nation. I'm thrilled for the rest of the world, who I hope will see this as a giant step out of our black hole of political hell, that Americans have been in for the last 8 years. I'm thrilled for all you children that will benefit from the knowledge that you CAN do anything.

But, for myself, I'm thrilled because your world just got a little safer. And bigger. And brighter. You, my sweet boy may never have to feel or in any way experience the injustices of racism. You may NEVER have to walk with fear in your heart because the color of your skin, or because of your beliefs. I sit here with real hope in my heart for the first time in so long, it hurts to think about it. I sit here in full awe of The Audacity of Hope. And my personal hope, is for you,my sweet boy.

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November 03, 2008
Sorry, Barack
Dang, this makes me sad! I'm a Nana too, and I wish she'd lived to see him elected.

Vote! One day to change the world!

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October 31, 2008
Happy Halloween!!!
It's been a nice one! Here's what I found in my email today:

Josh and Kim's Sweeties! Kim said they had a ball today!

Party with our neighbors! Including sweet Margo, our newest neighbor!!! (below)

Cutest little pea ever!

But not as destructively cute as my personal NINJA!!!!!!!!!!!

I gtta go to bed! Damn flea market tomm.

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October 29, 2008
Tracy says...
well angie is home and feeling pretty good. sore at her incision site and under her arm. the lymph node results are in and there were 2 sentinal nodes and 3 regular nodes that were cancerous. so she will be having to go through radiation. it has to start 2 to 5 weeks after surgery, depending on how fast she is heeling. the doctor removed one of her drain tubes today and said she is heeling wonderfully. even though she did have her reconstructive surgery started it is now on hold for 9-12 months. they will pretty much have to start over. this was an emotionally hard day again for angie, but shes keeping her head up and says 'it's got to be done' . next week she should have the other drain tube removed and her doctors should know more details on the radiation schedule. typically it is 5 days a week for 5 weeks. keep angie in your prayers. (i've got my guardian angel helping hers out) i'll keep everyone posted. thanks, tracy

Thought you'd want to know!

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October 25, 2008
2nd post tonight Angie update!
Angie is doing GREAT! She's feeling pretty good and her spirits are high. She doing OK pain wise and Tray says she looks good. See... the power of prayer!

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All the reasons why...
I have'nt been blogging much! Other than general laziness I mean!

Not telling

This one either

Aunt C



Drew No hat pic yet!

6 sets in 2 weeks! And I almost have #7 done!!!

Christmas is coming and MY goose isn't gonna get FAT!

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October 22, 2008
Angie Bellamy Miller had her mastectomy this morning. Please keep her and her family in your prayers, while the surgery went well, they did find some cancer in a lymph node. So pray hard,pray she keeps her spirits up!!! I'll post as I hear.

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December 20, 2008
Catching up...LOLOLOLOLOLOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL ( yes, that's hysteria!)
Here's a few things I have'nt blogged about, which I'll try and catch up on now!

Tristyns Christmas Program

Yes, he did have one and it was on December 3 and yes I did take a really hideous bunch of pics but I'll try and show you anyway. He was so bad. He jumped around and wiggled and pushed until we were in pain from laughter. I do want to say that his music teacher,Mrs. Batts was phenomenal!!! The program was enjoyable and she was engaged with the kids,it was great!

Also, as some of you may know, Janice and Patrick have split up. That leaves Jannie in Indy by herself. I'm not thrilled with that at all, I mean she is a hickerbilly!!! So here's her Christmas present from me and T

Who is living here until Christmas! Yipee. She's very sweet natured and pretty well behaved now if we could just get that potty training thing down...

And this sweet gift came from Vanessa after I won her on her blog giveaway. Go over and check out Miss Vanessa's art, it's amazing! And thank you again Vanessa, I love her! BTW, she told me a BIG secret today!

Miss Dilly Crumpet Spoonface!

And did I tell you there is nothing in this world that I Love more than this BOY!

Yes that is my PAINT shirt, or rather one of many

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December 16, 2008
Want to know what Tristyn did today??
He wrecked his Mother's car. And by car I mean her convertible! And he HIT another car! LOLOLOL Seriously, he did. He put his mom's car in reverse and backed it out of the driveway and into the neighbors SUV which was turning into the drive. Everyones OK and the only damage was to Erin's car and Tristyns psyche!

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I took the 43 Things Personality Quiz and found out I'm a
Romantic Lifelong Learning Extrovert

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December 03, 2008
New "mydeals"
Tristyn has just exploded in the last three weeks!!! It's like his little mind has just woke up and is screaming "look,look,look" . I have to confess I'm enjoying it alot. I love watching him make all thse new connections, like his leapster, that he's had for a year and refused to touch! and books!!! His new favorite thig is reading!!! (be still my heart!) As well as being read to!!! It might all be too much for my heart.

He cracks us up!!! "Nana, I got a great mydea!!!" we all just fall out laughing.

Even T is getting in on the cold weather activities!

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December 02, 2008
The Cooking Guy!
All of the sudden, at the great ,late, age of 5 Tristyn wants to play "cooking". We're all a little flummoxed by this, as he NEVER wanted to before. This game usually entails putting a white klennex on his shirt,and him taking orders. He then goes to the TV(his order window) where he tells the "chep" his order, which is always,no matter what you order,chicken nuggets and fries! Soooo we decided he should really cook...

yes, my kitchen is a mess, but really, I have more important things to do!

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November 30, 2008
Uncle JD
Uncle JD is in the Hospital with stomach problems. They will be running tests in the AM. I'll keep you posted.

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November 27, 2008
Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Turkey Day!!!

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November 24, 2008
The Return of the Daughter
I am a 46, almost 47 year old Nana,who has lived without children for some time now! I often have my grandson,even for days at a time, but we've been without girls for awhile now. But this week, Erin and Tristyn moved home.

And we're thrilled! We really are, it's nice having them safely at home. And, of course Tristyn thinks he already lives here. So that's nice and everyone's comfy here.

We're used to little boy messes anyway, and have lots of measures to keep them in check. But OMG, I forgot about girl messes!!!!

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November 21, 2008
S.A.D. and Edgar Sawtelle
If you know me at all you've probably guessed that this lack of posting is more than just my usual laziness. It is. In fact I'm feeling a bit( you may translate that to mean, ALOT) depressed. Enough that I've had to start taking paxil again. Because you know that with me,everything is a fubar, it seems I've also had a big dose of Seasonal Affective Disorder rear it's ugliness! Yay, me!!! I really have suffered with this as long as I can remember, but each fall, I fool myself into thinking that it's really gone for good, but 46 years and still no go. Ahhhh wellllll, there's always next year. The really great news is that you know this will pass. It will pass and just leave the regular old depression and then I can fool myself into thinking that, once again I don't need anti-depressants. Gives you something to work for.

Anyway on to BETTER things. OMG you need to read this book. I know I've been slow getting to it, but you know it's an Oprah book, and i HATE being told what I need to read. But shit this was great!! I gave up the midnight showing of Twilight because I could'nt bear to stop reading. It's that great!!! I HATE it when Oprah's right! The wee bonus? It's set in Wisconsin, right about where Tra lives. Really READ IT!

I'm off to crochet, cause y'all know how that lifts your spirits, right?

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Baby, it's cold outside!!!!
I'm praying for this, but I'm getting...

about one an hour!

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