Friday, December 26, 2008

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PMS bullhocky and swap goodies!
I have DMS (during menstral syndrome) and I'm a crabby bitch and wish I was dying. And wishing EVERYONE else on the planet would just SHUT UP, so you can see I'm clearly not fit for company.

On a happier note, Viv got my swap I sent her so I can post pics of it. i think I got everything!

paper mache box, I painted and glittered

A frame to match. All those little pics are vintage halloween inchies. I loved this when it was finished

another shot


Viv loves kitties

a wee witchy pin

bunches of treats

vintage hanging

I forgot to take picks on the cards and the martini set. You can see them here. And hear what she thinks of it all.

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October 16, 2008
dreaming of sugarplums under MY tree
sometimes I do dream...just for me.




and my hearts desire

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October 12, 2008
DRACULA!!!! (sorta)
I was resting ever so quietly on the couch, with my eyes closed. I heard a sneaky, quiet,shushing noise and opened my eyes to..

his coffin\

God, I love Halloween!

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October 08, 2008
My new collection
Y'all know I collect EVERYTHING! Wanna see what I'm collecting now???

LOLOLOL just kidding! This is David (Erin's friend) and his son's Christian and Carter. Are'nt they sweet!


Christian and David

And of course, one with my Sweet Boy!

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October 07, 2008
Leapin' Lizards!
Look what came to town for October!

can you see it!?

It's big!!!!!!!!!!!!


And ugly!

It's a "no scare" Haunted House for kids! Great idea huh? I expect we'll be seeing the inside soon.

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October 06, 2008
Fall Festival
It's baaaaaack! I'm less than thrilled, but I always am. And it's on a personal level. It's just to...much? Too loud. Too long. Too greasy. Too crowded. Too EVERYTHING! My girls and T love it, and Tristyn is over the moon! So I'm happy for them!

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October 02, 2008
The illusion of sleep
How tired does your body have to get to require sleep??? I'm on day 3 with no real sleep to speak of and am avidly watching the sun rise. In fact I'm slipping out the front door to go swimming as soon as I close this laptop. Maybe I'll be so tired I'll FUCKING SLEEP when I get home!

God. I miss my 20's!

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October 01, 2008
Today is October1 and it's the day that we renew our " Giving Fund". Now mind you, in our new, post grandson life, this is not a huge amount. We don't use a percentage formula or a budget plan, T just figures up what we can do our big donations with and gives me the money to distribute. We have 3 we always give to and I try to pick 2 other different ones each year, and then the remainder I pick randomly online and spread it thin!!! By tomorrow it'll all be gone. Anyway here are some great places you might be interested in spreading it thin at! Books for kids!!! I love this place! MY Stuff Bags good thought Care2 Stop Violence Frightening! Plant An Oak Tree It's FREE The Wilderness Land Trust My Current FAV!

OK that's it I hope you'll check these out!

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September 29, 2008
I'm kinda in a crafting frenzy around here right now. For instance I spent 9 hours today AFTER swimming in my room working or on my couch doing this!

A little project for Jo. Actually turning out quite lovely! Dad brought me a HUGE bin of yarn from a yard sale the other day. He paid 20 dollars for it and I'm guessing it's got a minimum of 200 dollars of mohair in it! YAY!!!

I know!!! Are you jealous yet! And here's some little dishcloths I just finished!

My other big score from Dad this month was 11 sets of Stamping Up stamps (including 3 alphabets!) for 10 bucks!!!!

But the real exciting thing that happened today was I got my SWEET and SINISTER SWAP!!! OMG my partner VIV ( check out her blog!!!) is a genius!!! I loved EVERY single thing! EVERY one!!! Just look!

Look at all the Sweetness!!!

Out of the box!

Handsome man!!!

Candy Corn! BTW VIV, Tammys Fav!!!

All these little sweeties!!! LOVE!

This beautiful bunting says Halloween!!! I can not wait to hang it!!!

Pin cushion!!!


And this! Which Tristyn is already trying to steal!! I love it all Viv. Thank you for being such an awesome partner. BTW:: I'm hurrying!

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September 28, 2008
in the AM!!!! Talk to you later!

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