Friday, December 26, 2008

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December 20, 2008
Catching up...LOLOLOLOLOLOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL ( yes, that's hysteria!)
Here's a few things I have'nt blogged about, which I'll try and catch up on now!

Tristyns Christmas Program

Yes, he did have one and it was on December 3 and yes I did take a really hideous bunch of pics but I'll try and show you anyway. He was so bad. He jumped around and wiggled and pushed until we were in pain from laughter. I do want to say that his music teacher,Mrs. Batts was phenomenal!!! The program was enjoyable and she was engaged with the kids,it was great!

Also, as some of you may know, Janice and Patrick have split up. That leaves Jannie in Indy by herself. I'm not thrilled with that at all, I mean she is a hickerbilly!!! So here's her Christmas present from me and T

Who is living here until Christmas! Yipee. She's very sweet natured and pretty well behaved now if we could just get that potty training thing down...

And this sweet gift came from Vanessa after I won her on her blog giveaway. Go over and check out Miss Vanessa's art, it's amazing! And thank you again Vanessa, I love her! BTW, she told me a BIG secret today!

Miss Dilly Crumpet Spoonface!

And did I tell you there is nothing in this world that I Love more than this BOY!

Yes that is my PAINT shirt, or rather one of many

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December 16, 2008
Want to know what Tristyn did today??
He wrecked his Mother's car. And by car I mean her convertible! And he HIT another car! LOLOLOL Seriously, he did. He put his mom's car in reverse and backed it out of the driveway and into the neighbors SUV which was turning into the drive. Everyones OK and the only damage was to Erin's car and Tristyns psyche!

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I took the 43 Things Personality Quiz and found out I'm a
Romantic Lifelong Learning Extrovert

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December 03, 2008
New "mydeals"
Tristyn has just exploded in the last three weeks!!! It's like his little mind has just woke up and is screaming "look,look,look" . I have to confess I'm enjoying it alot. I love watching him make all thse new connections, like his leapster, that he's had for a year and refused to touch! and books!!! His new favorite thig is reading!!! (be still my heart!) As well as being read to!!! It might all be too much for my heart.

He cracks us up!!! "Nana, I got a great mydea!!!" we all just fall out laughing.

Even T is getting in on the cold weather activities!

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December 02, 2008
The Cooking Guy!
All of the sudden, at the great ,late, age of 5 Tristyn wants to play "cooking". We're all a little flummoxed by this, as he NEVER wanted to before. This game usually entails putting a white klennex on his shirt,and him taking orders. He then goes to the TV(his order window) where he tells the "chep" his order, which is always,no matter what you order,chicken nuggets and fries! Soooo we decided he should really cook...

yes, my kitchen is a mess, but really, I have more important things to do!

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November 30, 2008
Uncle JD
Uncle JD is in the Hospital with stomach problems. They will be running tests in the AM. I'll keep you posted.

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November 27, 2008
Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Turkey Day!!!

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November 24, 2008
The Return of the Daughter
I am a 46, almost 47 year old Nana,who has lived without children for some time now! I often have my grandson,even for days at a time, but we've been without girls for awhile now. But this week, Erin and Tristyn moved home.

And we're thrilled! We really are, it's nice having them safely at home. And, of course Tristyn thinks he already lives here. So that's nice and everyone's comfy here.

We're used to little boy messes anyway, and have lots of measures to keep them in check. But OMG, I forgot about girl messes!!!!

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November 21, 2008
S.A.D. and Edgar Sawtelle
If you know me at all you've probably guessed that this lack of posting is more than just my usual laziness. It is. In fact I'm feeling a bit( you may translate that to mean, ALOT) depressed. Enough that I've had to start taking paxil again. Because you know that with me,everything is a fubar, it seems I've also had a big dose of Seasonal Affective Disorder rear it's ugliness! Yay, me!!! I really have suffered with this as long as I can remember, but each fall, I fool myself into thinking that it's really gone for good, but 46 years and still no go. Ahhhh wellllll, there's always next year. The really great news is that you know this will pass. It will pass and just leave the regular old depression and then I can fool myself into thinking that, once again I don't need anti-depressants. Gives you something to work for.

Anyway on to BETTER things. OMG you need to read this book. I know I've been slow getting to it, but you know it's an Oprah book, and i HATE being told what I need to read. But shit this was great!! I gave up the midnight showing of Twilight because I could'nt bear to stop reading. It's that great!!! I HATE it when Oprah's right! The wee bonus? It's set in Wisconsin, right about where Tra lives. Really READ IT!

I'm off to crochet, cause y'all know how that lifts your spirits, right?

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Baby, it's cold outside!!!!
I'm praying for this, but I'm getting...

about one an hour!

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